Growing Concerns


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Ten new songs about growing up, being in your twenty's and not really liking it.

UGLYBoNES are: Fil, Viaj, Eric, and Lev.

We have a Big Cartel.

Big thanks to our friends. Big thanks to Nick Nativo at the Nook Recording Studio. Big thanks to Zack Shereck for the art work.


released January 27, 2016



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


UGLYBoNES Chicago, Illinois

Four best friends that wanna take a chainsaw to each other's gonads.

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Track Name: Set Off
I walk around, keep looking around
Your face is creeping me out
Been through worse but this is new
City will burn when I’m done with you
I won’t get mad, I will get even
All you gotta do is give me a reason.
I won’t stop, I won’t drink to calm down.
I will get up, I’ll get up off the ground.
It’s not my fault, keep it the same.
It’s not my fault, i need a change of pace.
This time, this time, this time is different.
This time you’ve really set me off.
Track Name: PCAF
PC as Fuck
I get aroused
When I’m thinking
Of pissing you off
PC as Fuck
I have my fun
When I’m thinking
Of pissing you off

Always telling others
They should speak their mind
Say one wrong thing
It’s career suicide
Track Name: Not The Same
I’m not pissed anymore
I’m just depressed
Used to walk around
With my fists clenched

I’d rather turn on the lights
Then open the blinds
Cause you all suck
Hurt my eyes.

The hate I used to have
Is now somewhere else
A burden on my shoulders
That doesn’t rest.

Clothes I have, don’t fit anymore
Look at myself, I’m such a sore
I didn’t gain weight, I didn’t lose fat
Something inside me turned it’s back.
Track Name: Obscene
Walk around with your mouth going off
Talkin out your ass
Think you have this under control
But that shit won’t last

Gotta sabatoge the scene
Gotta be more obscene

Trying to make your point
It sounds insane
A year will go by and you will
All still be the same.
Track Name: Grown Up
I’m not a grow up
I’m not a drag
I’m an alcoholic
I want to be friends.

Do what I want.

Don’t make fun of me
I’m just trying to fit in
I want to be cool
I want to be like you.
Track Name: Office Destroyer
Office Destroyer moving in the dark

The air smells like metal
Think I’m gonna puke
I’ll die in this office
I’ll detonate a nuke
Drank too much coffee
Punch through the screen
If I get one more email
I’ll cut my head off clean
Track Name: SUX
One thing the world has taught me
People love failure
Joke about it laugh about it
Why don’t you go fuck yourselves

Can’t believe I see this every day
People walk around with clouds of shame
And for what? Because of them?
Because they don’t try themselves?
To be better

Screw up
Track Name: Took Too Much
It was a shit night
Had to get away
A friend sold me shrooms
That I just had to take
We ate the whole bag
Went to buy some beer
I was walking down the aisles
When they fucking hit
I had to get to the car,
We had to get the fuck home
They hit so hard
My eyes were outta my skull
The trees are moving
They’re walking around
I think they’re talking
DUDE, are you all right?

It’s in my head it’s making me sick
Thinking too much will be the death of me.

It’s so hot turn the car off.
It’s so cold turn it on.
Are you OK, man? Yah I’m fine.
Thinking to myself, I’m freaking out.

We wont make it man.
Did you call the cops?
Who is gonna save us.
We are not alright.
Track Name: Bendz
Inability to stop distressing thoughts
Inner monologue drifting off

See my head spinning, I’ll screw it on
I’m closing out, I’ve had enough.
Track Name: Lazy
I'll do it tomorrow
Won't do it today
Don't care if it gets done

Thought I cared a lot
I thought I cared a lot
As it turns out
Don't care about anyone

I think it's stupid
I think it's dumb
I don't care about